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2009/10 Scottish Crime and Justice Survey: Technical Report



As the survey contractors, we are grateful for the commitment of everyone involved in ensuring that the SCJS makes a major contribution to informed policy-making within the Scottish Government, and particularly to the current SCJS project team of Stuart King and Catherine Millington.

We are indebted for the advice and expertise provided by all those in the Technical Advisory Group ( TAG); Professor Mike Hough, Alison Walker, John Flatley, Professor Susan McVie and Christos Byron. The ongoing support of the TAG is a vital ingredient in the success of the survey.

We would also like to thank TNS- BMRB advisors, Professors Andromachi Tseloni and Ken Pease for their invaluable support throughout the survey.

Thanks are particularly due to the 16,036 individuals who agreed to take part in the survey during the course of 2009/10. Without them there would be no survey. Also of crucial importance are the team of interviewers and field supervisors from TNS- BMRB who continue to show persistence and dedication in collecting the data that is presented in this report and the support staff within TNS- BMRB who ensure the survey runs smoothly and to the highest quality standards.

In spite of all this support, any errors that may remain in this report are, of course, our own.

TNS- BMRB December 2010