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Curriculum for Excellence: Building the Curriculum 5: A framework for Assessment: Recognising Achievement, Profiling and Reporting



1 Throughout this document, the term 'school' is taken to include pre-school centres, residential and day special schools (including secure provision) and primary and secondary schools.

2 Throughout this document, the term 'achievement' is used to include attainment, as defined in Building the Curriculum 5: a framework for assessment.

3 Amazing Things 2 provides information on the wide range of youth awards available in Scotland.

4 The term 'staff' or 'teacher' in this document is used to refer to all staff involved in recognising achievement, profiling and reporting and includes pre-school practitioners, college lecturers, Community Learning and Development ( CLD) staff and other relevant practitioners.

5 Such as ASDAN, Youth Achievement Awards, Associated Board of Music and SQA Personal Development Awards

6 Building the Curriculum 5 states: "In addition to individual reports on the progress of the child or young person, they will receive information on: how well all learners and particular groups of learners are achieving; the performance of children and young people in the school in relation to expected levels at particular stages in key areas such as literacy and numeracy; and how the school is applying national standards and expectations." It provides the following commitment: "To enable schools to use benchmarking information, the Scottish Government will develop from its previous work with education authorities a process to enable sharing of information about learners' performance at school level. The Scottish Government will not collate or publish aggregate information nationally."