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Evaluation of the Scottish Recovery Network

DescriptionAn evaluation of the Scottish Recovery Network's effectiveness with respect to achieving its objectives of raising awareness of recovery in mental health, developing an evidence base for recovery interventions, building capacity in communities, developing good practice for recovery, influencing policy and practice and value for money.
ISBN978 0 755998746
Official Print Publication DateDecember 2010
Website Publication DateDecember 20, 2010


ISBN 978 0 7559 9874 6 (Web only publication)
ISSN 2045-6964
DPPAS 11070

Dawn Griesbach
Patricia Russell
Clare Lardner
Jacki Gordon
Griesbach & Associates

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This report is accompanied by a research findings


A note about terminology

Executive Summary

Background and national policy context
The Scottish Recovery Network ( SRN)
Aims and research questions
Structure of this report

Getting the perspectives of stakeholders
Review of literature, monitoring data and statistical information
Case studies

3What is the Scottish Recovery Network?
Creation of the Scottish Recovery Network
Vision, aims and objectives
Target groups
SRN's activities and outcomes

4Objective 1: Raise awareness of recovery
How the has SRN raised awareness of recovery

5Objective 2: Develop an evidence base for recovery in Scotland
How the SRN has developed an evidence base for recovery
Effectiveness and impact

6Objective 3: Build capacity in communities
Wellness Recovery Action Planning ( WRAP)
Peer support worker schemes
Local recovery networks

7Objective 4: Support practice development
Scottish Recovery Indicator
Developing learning materials for professionals

8Influence on policy and practice
Influence on national mental health policy
Influence on practice
Barriers and levers to influence
The SRN's influence on practice: The perspective of service users

9Is the SRN good value for money?
Governance and management
How costs and benefits are weighed up in making decisions
How performance and outcomes are measured and reported
Whether outcomes (or objectives) have been achieved within budget
Views from evaluation participants

10The future of recovery and the future of the SRN: Key messages and conclusions
How has the SRN planned and implemented its work?
To what extent has the SRN delivered on its aims and objectives?
The SRN's influence on policy
The SRN's influence on practice
Reach, effectiveness and impact
Value for money
The future for recovery and the future for the SRN


Annex A: What is "recovery"?
Annex B: Background to the creation of the SRN
Annex C: SRN Outcome model, 2008
Annex D: SRN website statistics and attendance at events
Annex E: Case study summary reports
Case study area 1
Case study area 2
Case study area 3
Case study area 4

The views expressed in this report are those of the researcher and
do not necessarily represent those of the Department or Scottish Ministers.

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