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Health in Scotland 2009 Time for Change: Annual Report of the Chief Medical Officer

DescriptionThe Annual Report of the Chief Medical Officer for Scotland 2009
Official Print Publication DateNovember 2010
Website Publication DateNovember 16, 2010


ISBN 978 0 7559 9789 3 (Web only publication)
DPPAS 10144

This document is also available in pdf format (1.3mb)


INTRODUCTION: Scotland's health - time for a change

CHAPTER 1: Trends in life expectancy and the continuing widening of health inequalities
Step changes in health status
Achieving a step change
What is salutogenesis?
What would a "salutogenic" approach to health look like?
Asset based health improvement in action
Healthy Living Centres
Achieving a step change in health

CHAPTER 2: Work and health
Role for employers
The Scottish Public Sector
Impact of the recession
Implications for healthcare services
Welfare benefits
An ageing workforce
The next generation

CHAPTER 3: Scotland and problem drug use
A person's journey
Shared care
An evolving healthcare problem

CHAPTER 4: Influenza A (H1N1) The Pandemic 2009

CHAPTER 5: An outbreak of anthrax infection in drug users in Scotland

CHAPTER 6: Significant trends in the incidence of the communicable diseases of public health importance in 2009
Gastro-intestinal and foodborne infections
Bloodborne virus and sexually transmitted infections
Healthcare associated infections
Vaccine preventable diseases