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Self-directed support: A National Strategy for Scotland

DescriptionA 10 year strategy for Self-directed Support in Scotland which aims to set out and drive a cultural shift around the delivery of support that views people as equal citizens with rights and responsibilities.
Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateNovember 23, 2010


ISBN 978 0 7559 9737 4 (Web only publication)
DPPAS 10897

This document is also available in pdf format (909k)



Section One: Introduction
1.1. What we mean by self-directed support:
1.2. Core values and principles of self-directed support
1.3. Terminology
1.4. Policy context
1.5. Why a strategy now?

Section Two: Instilling the values - the way forward for self-directed support
2.1. Shifting the balance of power
2.2. Leadership
2.3. Access to social care and support- prevention and intervention
2.4. Ownership and universal services
2.5. Health & Wellbeing
2.6. Housing Support
2.7. Employment & education
2.8. Services for children (Getting it right for every child ( GIRFEC)

Section Three: SDS - The Processes
3.1. Information and advice - supporting individual choice and control
3.2. National outcomes & minimum information standards
3.3. Agreeing outcomes
3.4. Resource allocation

Section Four: The Mechanisms
4.1. Individual budgets and direct payments
4.2. PA Workforce

Section Five: The shift
5.1. Providers and the social care market
5.2. Strategic commissioning
5.3. SDS for specific groups
5.4. Unpaid carers

6.1. Next steps
6.2. Delivering change
6.3. Measuring success

Annex 1: Glossary

Annex 2: Recommendations

Annex 3: Members of the Reference Group

Annex 4: Existing Legislative Context

Annex 5: Independent Living

Annex 6: Useful resources