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A Guide to Planning Appeals in Scotland


6 Timescales for making an appeal

If you are going to make an appeal, there will be a deadline for you to get it to DPEA. The time limit depends on the type of decision or notice being appealed.

  • For appeals relating to planning applications, the limit is 3 months from the date of the council's decision on the application (or 3 months from the date by which the council should have made a decision). This 3-month appeal period also applies where both a council official and the local review body have failed to make a decision on the application by their deadlines (see section 2 of this guide).
  • For most other consent type appeals (including listed building, conservation area and advertisement consents) the above 3 month time limit applies, but there is no option to go to a local review body, and there therefore cannot be an appeal on such a bodies failure to reach a decision.
  • If you want to appeal against a notice served by the council (for example, an enforcement notice), you will need to make your appeal before the date that the notice is due to come into effect. This date will be clearly stated on the notice itself.

If you have any doubt about the start and end date for the appeal period, you can find out this information from the council that handled the application or served the notice.

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