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Wednesday 01/12/2010

Evaluation of the 2010 Points of Entry Campaign [Research]

Provides research findings from the evaluation of the 2010 Points of Entry campaign at Scottish Airports.

Tuesday 02/11/2010

Energy Storage and Management Study [Environment]

Energy Storage and Management Study

Monday 01/11/2010

Domestic Abuse, Housing and Homelessness in Scotland: An Evidence Review [Research]

There has been little research on the relationship between domestic abuse, housing and homelessness, especially in the Scottish context. This review provides some secondary analysis of relevant homelessness and housing statistics to provide a more in-depth overview of the scale of domestic abuse as a contributory factor to homelessness in Scotland.

Youth Violence in Scotland: Literature Review [Research]

The review draws on available sources of data from administrative sources (recorded crime, criminal proceedings, school exclusions, referrals to the Children's Hearings System) and from the Scottish Crime and Justice Survey to construct a picture of what is known about youth violence using official data sources.

Friday 29/10/2010

A Scottish Farm-based Greenhouse Gas Accounting Tool [Research]

This report documents the methods, results and conclusions of the Farm-Based Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Accounting Tool Research Project and introduces and discusses some of the wider organisational GHG accounting and reporting topics that affect the sector.

Education and Lifelong Learning: Research Findings No.62/2010: Research to Support Schools of Ambition [Education and Training]

Summary findings from main report

Refreshing The National Strategy and Action Plan to Prevent Suicide in Scotland: Report of The National Suicide Prevention Working Group [Health and Community Care]

Report of the National Suicide Prevention Working Group

Research to Support Schools of Ambition: Final Report [Research]

52 schools participated in the Schools of Ambition programme between 2005-2010, with the aim of providing ambition and opportunity to young people. This report describes the work undertaken by the Universities of Glasgow, Aberdeen and Strathclyde to mentor participating schools, and to explore and share the lessons learnt from the programme, based upon interviews, a survey of participants, and school case studies.

Skills Development Scheme - Scheme Rules and Procedures SDS 1 (2010) [Agriculture]


Skills Development Scheme - Scotland Rural Development Programme [Agriculture]

Scheme Rules and Procedures

Thursday 28/10/2010

Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2010 - Commencement Order justice circular (JD/6/2010) [Law, Order and Public Safety]

A circular announcing the commencement of two sections within the Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2010.

Scottish Corporate Sector Statistics 2010 [Business and Industry]

A National Statistics publication on Scotland's business stock in 2010.

Wednesday 27/10/2010

An Assessment of the Development of Telecare in Scotland 2006-2010 [Health and Community Care]

A report on the development of telecare in Scotland.

Consultation on revised national guidance on child protection - Consultation Responses [Education and Training]

Consultation responses to national child protection guidance consultation

Literacy Action Plan: An Action Plan to Improve Literacy in Scotland

An action plan to raise standards of literacy for all from the early years to adulthood.

Statistics Publication Notice - Lifelong Learning Series: Higher Education Support in Scotland 2009-10 [Statistics]

Student support statistics for the academic year 2009-10.

Tuesday 26/10/2010

Long-term Monitoring of Health Inequalities - Headline Indicators - October 2010 [Statistics]

This publication is an update of headline indicators from the long term monitoring of health inequalities report, last published in September 2009.

Recorded Crimes and Offences involving Firearms, Scotland, 2009-10 [Statistics]

Summary statisticial information of crimes and offences involving firearms as recorded by Scottish Police forces.

Registered Blind and Partially Sighted Persons, Scotland 2010 [Statistics]

To present national figures on visually impaired persons registered with Local Authorities in Scotland.

Scottish Policing Performance Framework: Annual Report 2009-10 Data Report [Law, Order and Public Safety]

Scottish Policing Performance Framework: Annual Report, 2009-10

Showing: 1 to 20 of 63