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Diabetes Action Plan 2010: Quality Care for Diabetes in Scotland

DescriptionThe latest Action Plan for diabetes care in Scotland.
Official Print Publication DateAugust 2010
Website Publication DateAugust 20, 2010


ISBN 978 0 7559 9379 6

This document is also available in pdf format (2.2mb)
DPPAS 10123


Foreword by the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing

List of Actions

1. Introduction

2. Maintaining Health and Wellbeing
Improving the health of people with diabetes in Scotland and reducing health inequalities
2.1 Primary prevention of type 2 diabetes
2.2 Screening for type 2 diabetes

3. Quality Healthcare for All
Improving the quality of healthcare and healthcare experience and developing a mutual NHS - offering the people with diabetes in Scotland a world-class service and a stronger voice in service improvement
3.1 Putting people with diabetes at the centre
3.2 Maintaining vascular health
3.3 Foot care
3.4 Eye care
3.5 Preventing renal disease
3.6 Positive pregnancy experiences
3.7 Care for people from black and minority ethnic communities
3.8 Children, young people and families
3.9 The spectrum of emotional and psychological support
3.10 Structured education
3.11 Insulin therapy
3.11.1 Intensive insulin therapy for people with type 1 diabetes
3.12 Reducing emergency admissions
3.12.1 Out-of-hours care
3.12.2 Diabetes emergencies
3.12.3 Diabetic ketoacidosis
3.13 Quality In-patient care
3.13.1 Safe and effective management of diabetes in hospital
3.13.2 Care homes and non- NHS settings

4. Value
Maximising the value of our investment in health services in Scotland
4.1 Ensuring quality care
4.2 Professional development

5. Integration
Integrating health, care and other services
5.1 Organisation of care
5.1.1 Scottish Diabetes Group
5.1.2 Involving people living with diabetes
5.1.3 Diabetes Managed Clinical Networks
5.1.4 Remote and rural care
5.1.5 Optimal use of information technology

6. Conclusion

Appendix 1 - Consultation responses
Appendix 2 - Table of NHS Boards' planned investment in insulin pump therapy


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