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Scottish GP Patient Experience Survey 2009/10 Volume 2: Technical Report

DescriptionScottish GP Patient Experience Survey 2009/10 Volume 2: Technical Report
Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateJuly 27, 2010


ISBN 978 0 7559 9473 1
DPPAS 10341

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1. Introduction
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Background to Better Together programme
1.3 Aims of the GP Patient Experience survey
1.4 Other outputs from this survey

2. Outputs of the Survey
2.1 Overview of the reporting
2.2 GP practice reports
2.3 Online reporting system
2.4 Access results
2.5 National report
2.6 Community Health Partnerships ( CHP) level reporting
2.7 NHS Board level reporting
2.8 Topic reports
2.9 Availability of data for further research

3. Survey design
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Survey development
3.3 Initial survey content
3.4 Activities to test and refine survey content
3.5 Summary of rationale behind the final questionnaire

4. Sample Design
4.1 Sampling frame
4.2 Sample size calculation
4.3 Patient selection

5. Fieldwork

6. Data Entry and fieldwork quality control
6.1 Scanning process
6.2 Data capture
6.3 Verification & upload process
6.4 Secure disposal
6.5 Free text coding

7. Data Security and Confidentiality
7.1 Information Governance Framework
7.2 Application for use of data
7.3 Data sample
7.4 Data transfer
7.5 Access to data

8. Survey Response
8.1 Overview
8.2 Overall response rates for NHS Board areas
8.3 Response rates for GP Practices
8.4 Response rate by patient characteristics
8.5 Types of response

9. Analysis and Reporting
9.1 Introduction to analysis
9.2 Reporting age and gender variables
9.3 Reporting patient age
9.4 Reporting deprivation and urban/rural status
9.5 Number of responses analysed
9.6 Weighting
9.7 Percentage positive and negative
9.8 Confidence intervals
9.9 Quality assurance of the national report

ANNEX A Percent Positive and Negative Results
ANNEX B Scottish Government urban rural classification
ANNEX C Survey Materials - Questionnaire
ANNEX D Survey Materials - Language Sheet
ANNEX E Survey Materials - Introductory Letter
ANNEX F Survey Materials - Reminder Letter
ANNEX G Survey Materials - Second reminder Letter
ANNEX H PwC Summary of Literature Review Findings
ANNEX I Better Together literature review - Bibliography
ANNEX J PwC report - Summary of findings from the cognitive testing
ANNEX K PwC Report - Summary of findings from pilot survey

List of Tables
Table 1: Overview of reporting
Table 2: Aims of the cognitive testing process
Table 3: Examples of findings from the first and second rounds of cognitive testing
Table 4: Examples of findings from the third round of cognitive testing
Table 5: Background and rationale for access questions
Table 6: Minimum sample size required for different practice list sizes
Table 7: Response rate by NHS Board
Table 8: Response rate by practice list size
Table 9: Response rate by deprivation quintile
Table 10: Response rate by patient urban rural
Table 11: Response rate by age group
Table 12: Response rate by gender
Table 13: Where reported age and CHI age groups are different
Table 14: Patients that could not be assigned urban/rural or deprivation categories
Table 15: Percentage of patients rating the overall care provided by their GP surgery as good or excellent by NHS Board with confidence intervals