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Guidance on partnership working between allied health professions and education



Arts Therapists

Include art therapy, dance movement therapy, drama therapy and music therapy. Arts therapists encourage children, young people and their families to engage in a therapeutic relationship through the use of arts and play. The child's response provides an opportunity to understand their emotional life and ways of relating to other people. Arts therapists support the child's emotional health and social wellbeing and offer another perspective on the child's abilities and needs.


Support children where there are concerns about growth or difficulties with eating and drinking that may compromise nutritional intake. The dietician will assess, develop a nutritional care plan and monitor growth.

Occupational Therapists

Support children with difficulties in practical and social skills necessary for everyday life, aiming to enable children to be as physically, psychologically and socially independent as possible.


Assess various aspects of vision including eye movement problems and specific visual perception problems in children and treat the visual problem or offer advice on strategies to enhance/aid visual performance.

Orthotists and Prosthetists

Orthotists work with children who require specialist devices or input to overcome difficulties of body movement, control or discomfort as a result of a wide range of acute, chronic or progressive conditions or deformity. These bodily worn devices are called orthoses and can include splints, braces, callipers, corsets, collars or the full range of therapeutic footwear. Prosthetists design and fit artificial limb replacements.


Deliver health promotion and education to children and young people in relation to feet. They also assess for early treatment of foot and gait related dysfunction essential in preventing impact later in life.


Support children with movement disorders due to disability or illness, providing physical intervention, advice and support.

Diagnostic Radiographers

Carry out diagnostic imaging examinations - X-rays and scans - to produce high quality images to diagnose an injury or disease.

Therapeutic Radiographers

Provide radiotherapy treatment and support for children with cancer.

Speech and Language Therapists

Work with children who have difficulties with speech, and/or language and communication or eating and drinking difficulties.