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Guidance on partnership working between allied health professions and education



1 'young people' refers to children aged three to eighteen, or younger if they have additional support needs and are referred to a local education authority by an NHS Board. The term children is also used but applies to the same age range.
2 Wherever it is used, 'parents' refers to parents, foster carers, carers who are relatives or friends and care staff in a residential setting (including secure provision).
3 For a full list of allied health professionals and a description of what they do, see appendix 1.
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5 Children and young people were interviewed during the period of engagement. However it proved difficult to gather their views on partnership working.
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7 Wherever it is used, 'school' includes early education centres, residential and day special schools (including secure provision), and primary and secondary schools.
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9 We recognise that AHPs gather data relating to HEAT targets ( http://www.scotland.gov.uk/About/scotPerforms/partnerstories/NHSScotlandperformance ).The outcomes in this guidance however relate to the partnership AHP's have with education.
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