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Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of Draft Plan for Offshore Wind Energy in Scottish Territorial Waters: Volume 1: Environmental Report



1. The term 'material assets' can be wide ranging. Navigation and renewable energy generation are appropriate to consider under a Strategic Environmental Assessment. Others such as effects on commercial fishing activity, oil and gas infrastructure, pipelines, cables, helicopter and ferry routes, radar etc are specifically addressed by the Plan. Natural fish stocks are addressed by the SEA under the context of effects on biodiversity.

2. The full range of additional material assets including commercial fishing activity are addressed by the Plan.

3. Principle adopted by the UN Conference on the Environment and Development (1992) that in order to protect the environment, a precautionary approach should be widely applied, meaning that where there are threats of serious or irreversible damage to the environment, lack of full scientific certainty should not be used as a reason for postponing cost-effective measures to prevent environmental degradation.

4. SEA Consultation Authorities are SNH, SEPA and Historic Scotland

5. These were RSPB, Scottish Renewables, SeaEnergy Renewables Ltd; EDP Renováveis; and RWE npower renewables.

6. OWIG has representatives from a number of the stakeholder groups within its membership including, consultation authorities, developers and The Crown Estate.

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10. It should be noted that the MCA will ensure that navigation is not significantly affected by particular developments.

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16. This subject is discussed further in the biodiversity sub-section of the baseline.

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40. Section 1 of the Protection of Wrecks Act 1973 is to be repealed in due course in Scotland with the existing designated wrecks eligible for a process of transition to the new Historic Marine Protected Area designation under the Marine (Scotland) Act 2010.

41. It will continue to be possible to schedule monuments out to 12 nautical miles although, in practice, the Marine Protected Area provisions will normally be preferred offshore.

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43. dwt is a measure of how much weight a ship is carrying or can safely carry

44. Note: In developing the medium to long term plans, shipping density data has been used in the MaRS mapping process. The zones of least constraint identified by this process are subsequently checked against these AIS data as part of the testing of zones against SEA objectives.

45. A term of international law referring to a ship or aircraft's right to enter and pass through another's territory so long as it is not prejudicial to the peace, good order or security of the other state.

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60. The Crown Estate kindly provided access to the MaRS data and facilitated the interrogation. Please note that the mapping and interpretation has been undertaken by Halcrow and The Crown Estate accepts no liability for these findings.

61. Including details of specific possible development sites where known