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Guidelines for services providing injecting equipment: Best practice recommendations for commissioners and injecting equipment provision (IEP) services in Scotland

DescriptionNational guidelines for services providing injecting equipment.
Official Print Publication DateMay 2010
Website Publication DateMay 20, 2010


ISBN 978 0 7559 7856 4

This document is also available in pdf format (536k)




1 Introduction
Why does Scotland need guidelines for IEP services?
Aims of the guidelines
Who are these guidelines intended for?
The structure of this document

2 How were these guidelines developed?
Specifying the scope of the guidelines
Reviewing the evidence
Obtaining input from experts in the field
Undertaking wider consultation

3 Models of service delivery
Types of IEP services
Specialist IEP services
Pharmacy IEP services
Outreach services
Police custody suite / prison needle replacement schemes
In-prison IEP services
Secondary needle distribution
Peer-led distribution of injecting equipment
Needle dispensing machines
Hospital-based IEP services


The Guidelines - List of recommendations

Section 1: Developing an IEP programme

Section 2: Increasing distribution of injecting equipment

Section 3: Improving the effectiveness and consistency of IEP services

Section 4: Integrating injecting equipment provision with other services

Section 5: Health and safety of staff, clients and the community


Annex 1: Guidelines Development Group