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HM Inspectorate of Prisons: Report on HMP Perth



12.1 Facilities for recreation in the halls should be improved (paragraphs 2.8, 2.12 and 2.13).

12.2 All prisoners should have access to a chair in their cell (paragraphs 2.9 and 2.12).

12.3 All telephones should have privacy hoods (paragraphs 2.9 and 3.16).

12.4 When the anti-ligature cells in 'C' hall are vacated, they should be cleaned as a matter of course (paragraph 2.14).

12.5 The observation panels on the cell doors in Friarton hall should be kept clear at all times (paragraph 2.16).

12.6 The display screens on the telephones in Friarton hall should be repaired (paragraph 2.16).

12.7 Young offenders in Friarton hall should have access to telephones outwith unlock periods, if required (paragraph 2.16).

12.8 The library facility for Friarton hall should be improved (paragraphs 2.16 and 7.29).

12.9 The toilets in cells in the segregation unit should be enclosed (paragraph 2.22).

12.10 Jackets should be available for use during exercise periods in bad weather (paragraphs 2.24 and 2.25).

12.11 The method of transporting food from the kitchen to the halls should be improved (paragraph 2.27).

12.12 The laundry facility should be improved (paragraph 2.35).

12.13 The lack of certification available in the laundry should be reviewed (paragraph 2.36).

12.14 The inside of escort vehicles should be cleaned overnight (paragraph 3.7).

12.15 The safety message on escort vehicles should be played prior to every journey, in a format which all prisoners can understand, and prisoners' attention should be drawn to this message (paragraph 3.8).

12.16 After completing the court process prisoners should be transferred back to the prison without delay (paragraph 3.9).

12.17 A substantial hot meal should be served to prisoners arriving from court after 16.30hrs (paragraph 3.10).

12.18 All prisoners should receive prescribed medication before leaving the prison under escort (paragraph 3.11).

12.19 All prisoners should have the opportunity to have a shower before leaving the prison for court (paragraph 3.11).

12.20 All prisoners leaving the prison for court should have the opportunity as other prisoners to have breakfast (paragraph 3.11).

12.21 There should be better information available in reception, and this should also be available in a range of languages (paragraph 3.12).

12.22 Chairs should be available in the reception interview room for both prisoners and staff (paragraph 3.14).

12.23 A more secure seal for valuable property packets in reception should be introduced (paragraph 3.15).

12.24 All prisoners should be offered a shower in reception (paragraph 3.16).

12.25 A review of Listener deployment in reception should be carried out to achieve maximum benefits (paragraph 3.17).

12.26 Property and cash should always be opened and checked in the presence of the prisoner (paragraph 3.19).

12.27 Toothpaste and a toothbrush should be available in each room in the First Night in Custody Centre as part of the admission pack (paragraph 3.24).

12.28 Information in the First Night in Custody Centre should be available for non-English speaking prisoners, and prisoners who have difficulty reading (paragraph 3.25).

12.29 Peer tutors and senior managers should have an input to induction (paragraph 3.32).

12.30 Families should be offered a family induction session (paragraph 3.32).

12.31 All safer cells should be kept ready for occupation at all times (paragraph 3.40).

12.32 The local Suicide Risk Management Group should meet at least once every quarter (paragraph 3.43).

12.33 At least one member of the night shift staff on duty should be first aid trained (paragraph 3.46).

12.34 Arrangements should be put in place to ensure that new nurses complete ACT2Care training (paragraph 3.47).

12.35 The holding cells in Perth Sheriff Court and in Dundee Sheriff Court should be kept clean, and graffiti should be removed (paragraphs 4.5 and 4.12).

12.36 Hand washing facilities should be available in the holding cells in Perth Sheriff Court and in Dundee Sheriff Court (paragraphs 4.6 and 4.13).

12.37 The establishment should adopt a more focused and structured approach to Black and Ethnic Minority prisoners (paragraph 4.23).

12.38 The visitor information pack should be automatically made available to visitors and translated versions should be readily available (paragraph 5.11).

12.39 Officers should sit down during disciplinary hearings (paragraph 6.3).

12.40 Prisoners should be offered a copy of the Prison Rules at Disciplinary Hearings (paragraph 6.4).

12.41 All prisoners held in the segregation unit for more than one month should receive a mental health assessment (paragraph 6.15).

12.42 The prison should pursue the use of an alternative and more effective alerting tool which identifies the full range of prisoners' additional support requirements (paragraph 7.8).

12.43 The gym facilities at Friarton hall should be upgraded and some of the equipment should be repaired or replaced (paragraph 7.30).

12.44 The all-weather football pitch for Friarton hall should be put back into commission (paragraph 7.30).

12.45 Consideration should be given to inviting uniformed staff to the fortnightly Multi-Disciplinary Mental Health Team meeting (paragraph 8.16).

12.46 The process where there is only one nurse signatory for methadone at the weekend should be reviewed (paragraph 8.17).

12.47 The process where clinical prescribing on the day a prisoner enters the prison relies on the result of an unobserved urine sample should be reviewed (paragraph 8.18).

12.48 Further initiatives should be tried to increase family participation in Integrated Case Management Conferences (paragraph 9.4).

12.49 Consideration should be given to putting all risk management processes within Integerated Case Management (paragraph 9.6).

12.50 The waiting lists for programmes to address offending behaviour should be reduced, and assessed needs met (paragraph 9.13).