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HM Inspectorate of Prisons: Report on HMP Perth



10.1 The 72 hour assessment period for prisoners who request protection (paragraph 2.7).

10.2 A choice of fruit is available with each evening meal, and prisoners can choose to have vegetables as part of every meal (paragraph 2.28).

10.3 The kitchen produces menus in the two most common foreign languages in the prison (paragraph 2.28).

10.4 The 'Core Screen Assessment' during induction is carried out in a private interview room (paragraph 3.29).

10.5 The arrangements for relaying information to non-English speaking prisoners during induction (paragraph 3.33).

10.6 Suicide risk management procedures are tailored to the individual needs of the prisoner (paragraph 3.42).

10.7 Families sometimes attend suicide risk management case conferences (paragraph 3.42).

10.8 The staff rotation policy and practice (paragraph 3.49).

10.9 All escort court staff in Dundee Sheriff Court are first aid trained (paragraph 4.15).

10.10 A dedicated telephone number is available for families who need advice or help (paragraph 5.3).

10.11 All visits staff are encouraged to engage with families and children (paragraph 5.5).

10.12 Innovative use of technology to allow 'virtual visits' (paragraph 5.9).

10.13 The service offered by the prison library (paragraph 7.7).

10.14 The availability and standard of gym facilities (paragraph 7.15).

10.15 The production of an electronic healthcare night report (paragraph 8.11).

10.16 The blood borne virus and sexual health clinics (paragraph 8.13).

10.17 The doctor and addictions nurse see all prisoners receiving methadone prior to liberation (paragraph 8.20).

10.18 The addictions nurses have piloted a process where they see all new short-term prisoners with a substance misuse history on the day of admission (paragraph 8.21).

10.19 There are intense one-to-one interventions and cognitive behavioural therapies available when a prisoner is assessed as suitable for this kind of intervention (paragraph 9.14).