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Towards a Low Carbon Economy for Scotland: Discussion Paper

DescriptionThis discussion paper sets out the Scottish Government’s plans to move towards a low carbon economy in Scotland, as part of the overarching Government Economic Strategy. It identifies the key dimensions of a transition strategy towards a low carbon economy, describes our approach and timeframe to develop the strategy and seeks to engage key stakeholders in the strategy process.
Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateMarch 22, 2010


ISBN 978 0 7559 9268 3 (Web only publication)
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What will living in a 'Low Carbon Scotland' look like?


1. The Transition to a Low Carbon Scotland
1.1 Drivers of a Low Carbon Transition
Sustainable Economic Growth
Emission Reduction Targets
Energy Supply and Demand
Energy Security
The Carbon Price
Sustainable Resource Use
Legislation and Regulation
1.2 Climate Change Adaption
Strategic Opportunities
1.3 Dimensions of a Low Carbon Transition
Principles for the Low Carbon Transition
The Role of Government in Driving the Transition
Supportive Planning Process
Implications of the Climate Change (Scotland) Act
Decarbonising Energy Generation/Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency
Innovation, Technology Development and Low Carbon Behaviours
Financing the Transition
Global response
Green Recovery
Strategic Assessment
National Conversation

2. Low Carbon Economic Opportunities
2.1 Scotland's Opportunities
Low Carbon Investment & Jobs
Scottish Low Carbon Investment Project
Scotland's Global Opportunities in the Low Carbon Sector
The Contribution of Scotland's Universities
2.2 Scotland's Current Competitive Positioning
Summary of Low Carbon Economic Opportunities
Environmental and Clean Technologies
Sustainable Transport
Low Carbon Technologies for Transport
Uptake of Low Carbon Technologies and Fuels
Key Sectors
Other Growth Industries
Resource and Energy Efficiency

3. Supporting Low Carbon Innovation, Investment and Skills
Supporting Low Carbon Innovation
Promoting Investment in Low Carbon Market Opportunities
Public Sector Procurement
Leadership, Management and Skills
National Economic Forum Discussion on Sustainable Energy December 2009

4. The Way Forward

Annex: Towards a Low Carbon Economy for Scotland: The Role of the Energy Sector