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A Working Life for All Disabled People: The Supported Employment Framework for Scotland: Summary Report


5. Action Plan

What is to happen?

Who will lead?

How will this happen?

Raise awareness about the contribution Supported Employment can make to economic growth, to employment, to social inclusion and to the health and wellbeing of disabled people.

Scottish Government
( SG)

The framework will be launched and further promoted amongst Councils. CPPs will be offered the opportunity to test out the framework. Change funds will be available to support areas who want to demonstrate the model. Cross-directorate support will be provided by relevant Scottish Government policy interests.

Supported Employment provision should be delivered as an integral part of locally funded employment services. There should be a clear distinction from DWP programmes.

Community Planning Partnerships ( CPPs)/Local Authorities ( LAs)

Consideration should be given to long-term funding commitments to Supported Employment Services. Allocation of resources should be streamlined and managed through a single delivery route where possible. Existing Health & Social Care Funding should be considered for realignment. New funding for Supported Employment should be given only to providers who adopt the staged model.

Supported Employment should be led, owned and driven by Community Planning Partnerships. It will focus on employment and delivering job outcomes.


Health, Regeneration and Social Care services should be tailored to individual aspirations for work through the redesign of existing support arrangements in favour of those that have employment as an outcome. Self directed support and the use of individual budgets to achieve job outcomes for people should be promoted.

COSLA will explore how Single Outcome Agreements should include plans for Supported Employment.


Look at existing employment-related outcomes and link improved outcomes for disabled people.

A National Data Set and Quality Indicators will be developed for Supported Employment.


Organisations providing Supported Employment will apply consistent standards and benchmark their services using the agreed Quality Standards. To raise performance, information about Standards & Quality of Supported Employment Services will be openly reported.

Supported Employment Workers should work to a competency framework supported by an accredited qualification.


New Employment Support Workers will be required to work towards accreditation or demonstrate relevant experience and/or qualifications through Recognition of Prior Learning ( RPL). Those currently employed will be provided with opportunities to achieve RPL for existing qualifications and experience.

Raise awareness of Supported Employment with Careers Advisors.


Careers Advisers will make appropriate referrals to Supported Employment services.

Recognise Supported Employment and its fit with locally provided services in mainstream DWP programmes.


DWP and Scottish Government to discuss respective approaches to standards and quality assurance and the links between the frameworks they have in place.

Raise awareness of Supported Employment with Disability Employment Advisor ( DEAs) and other relevant Jobcentre Plus Staff.


DEAs and other specialist staff will make appropriate referrals to Supported Employment services.