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Self-directed support: A National Strategy for Scotland

DescriptionSelf-Directed Support: A National Strategy for Scotland
Official Print Publication DateFebruary 2010
Website Publication DateFebruary 08, 2010


ISBN 978 0 7559 9247 8 (Web only publication)
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Responding to the Consultation

Section one
Background and policy context
What do we mean by self-directed support? - Definition
Values and principles of self-directed support
Why a strategy now?

Section two. The way forward for self-directed support
Ownership and universal services
Health and wellbeing
Employment and education
Information and advice - supporting individual choice and control

Section three. The role of social care
Assessment and minimum information standards
Agreeing outcomes
Agreeing budgets
Direct payments and individual budgets
Personal assistant workforce
Providers and the social care market
Strategic commissioning

Section four
Recognising the importance of self-directed support for specific groups

Next steps
Delivering change
Monitoring and evaluation

1. Glossary
2. Useful resources
3. Reference Group membership
4. Summary of relevant legislation
5. Independent Living Shared Vision