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Social work Inspection Agency: Practice Guide: On the record - getting it right: Effective management of social work recording



The Social Work Inspection Agency ( SWIA) was established in April 2005 to work with others to continually improve social work services, so that they meet people's needs and the public has confidence in them. SWIA is now, in 2010, in a position to draw together what we have learned from our full review of all 32 local authority social work services.

In March 2010 SWIA will publish a report providing an overview and high level synthesis of our performance inspection programme 2005-2009. This will give a unique insight into social work services in Scotland.

This paper complements the overview report and deals specifically with one of the key messages from our analysis of all the performance inspection findings. That is effective management of social work recording had a direct impact on the quality of social work services for people who used them.

We look firstly at the creation of social work records and raise a number of current issues for practitioners and managers. We then look at quality assurance of social work records, including the findings from SWIA performance inspections on the impact of management scrutiny of social work records.

This guide is applicable to practitioners delivering social work services in the voluntary and private sectors as well as those working for councils.