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Public Attitudes Towards Broadcasting in Scotland 2009

DescriptionThis report provides the latest information on public attitudes to broadcasting in Scotland, following a survey carried out 18 months before, and reports on any changes in attitudes, views on a proposed new digital channel in Scotland, and views of the Scottish population towards radio broadcasting.
ISBN978 0 755977987
Official Print Publication DateFebruary 2010
Website Publication DateFebruary 01, 2010



ISBN 978 0 7559 7798 7 (Web only publication)
ISSN 0950 2254

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Executive Summary

1 Background and objectives

2 Method and sample

3 Main findings in detail
Importance of, and satisfaction with, representation of Scotland across different dimensions
Level of satisfaction with portrayal of Scotland across the five terrestrial channels
Perceptions of the amount of Scottish coverage in TV programmes
Current news programmes in Scotland
Clarity of Scottish news reporting
Interest in debate and discussion of topical Scottish issues (in addition to news reporting)
Interest in local Scottish news on television
Level of loyalty to channel for watching news
Importance of choice of channel for watching the Scottish news
Interest in news Scottish news programme
Preference for one news programme produced/presented in Scotland, or for two ? hour programmes, one from London and the other from Scotland
Interest in a new Scottish digital television channel
Opinion towards live football coverage on free terrestrial TV
Radio broadcasting
Support for another national speech based radio station
Interest in Community Radio

4 Conclusions

5 Appendix 1 - Questionnaire

6 Appendix 2 - Technical Appendix

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