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Review of the Glasgow and Fife Drug Courts: Report


Aim and objectives of the Review

7. The overall aim of the review was to evaluate the impact and effectiveness, including cost effectiveness, of the Glasgow and Fife Drug Courts. More specifically the review included:-

  • Gathering views of key personnel involved in the operation of the two Drug Courts, together with a small sample of non Drug Court Sheriffs;
  • An update of the key statistics collated in the 2006 evaluation, with the exception of rates of continued drug misuse, namely:-
  • Referrals to the Drug Courts;
  • Completion rates of Drug Court Orders;
  • Outcome of breach applications;
  • Average costs of Drug Court Orders; and
  • Collation of statistics in relation to non Drug Court Drug Treatment and Testing Orders ( DTTOs);
  • Assessing the added value, if any, that the Drug Courts provide to dealing with drug related offending through comparing the completion rates of DTTOs and Probation Orders with an additional condition of drug treatment when ordered by the Drug Court, against when they are ordered by the Sheriff Court; and
  • The consideration of reconviction data. When the original process and outcome evaluation of the pilot Drug Courts in Glasgow and Fife was undertaken (McIvor et al., 2006), the courts had not been operational for a sufficiently long period of time to enable a reasonably robust analysis of reconviction. Professor Gill McIvor of the Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research ( SCCJR) was commissioned to update her earlier work.