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Review of the Glasgow and Fife Drug Courts: Report



1. Hay, G.,Gannon, M.,Casey, J. & McKeganey, N. (2009) Estimating the National and Local Prevalence of Problem Drug Use in Scotland. Edinburgh: Scottish Government
2. Chi-square 4 d.f = 21.7, p<.001
3. 32 cases that were terminated for other reasons have been excluded from this table.
4. Chi-square 1 d.f.=0.23, p=0.63
5. Since the Drug Court only dealt with summary cases, the appropriate comparison is with DTTOs imposed under summary proceedings. The data for solemn cases are provided for information.
6. For Glasgow, t=1.79, p=.074 and for Fife, t=-1.81, p=.071
7. Anova, F=151.3, p<.001
8. The offence date is estimated in the Scottish Offender Index on the basis of the police case reference with the day of the offence always recorded as '15'.
9. As Harper and Chitty (2005) indicate, the minimum number of cases in the treatment and comparison groups would have to be over 1,200 if a 5% reduction in recidivism was anticipated and 572 if the expected reduction in recidivism was 7.5%.