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'Advocacy makes you feel brave': Advocacy support for children and young people in Scotland

DescriptionThis report presents the findings from a scoping study into advocacy support for children and young people in Scotland.
Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateJanuary 11, 2010


Susan Elsley

ISBN 978 0 7559 9206 5 (Web only publication)

This document is also available in pdf format (464k)



1. Executive Summary
What is Advocacy
Findings of Study
Future Development of Advocacy for Children and Young People

2. Introduction
Outline of Study

3. Current Understandings of Advocacy
What is Advocacy Support for Children and Young People
How Advocacy is Provided
Role of Advocacy in Supporting Children and Young People
Children and Young People's Views of Advocacy
Independent Advocacy
Example of Advocacy Developments Elsewhere in UK

4. Circumstances in Which Advocacy is Provided
Children and Young People's Right to Advocacy
Access to Advocacy by Age Group
Access to Advocacy by Circumstances
Accessing Services
Gaps in Existing Provision
General Gaps in Advocacy Support
Specific Groups of Children and Young People

5. Provision of Advocacy Services
Organisations Providing Advocacy Services
Advocacy Services Provided by The Voluntary Sector
Local Authority Children's Rights Services
Legal Representation and Advocacy

6. Providing Quality Advocacy Services
Developing a Culture of Children's Rights
Working together: Professionals and Advocacy
Delivering High Quality Advocacy Services

7. Conclusions
Strategic Overview of Advocacy Services
Promoting Advocacy
Children and Young People's Experience of Advocacy
Gaps in Advocacy Support
Providing Quality Advocacy Services

8. Examples of Advocacy Services

9. Appendix 1: Contributors to the Study

10. References