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Polnoon Masterplan: Idea to Design - Residential Streets Project


Bottom line

Cost and construction?

The detailed costs and exact timing of construction are confidential to Mactaggart & Mickel Ltd. The following comments, however, offer a general guide.


"We only proceeded with this project after carrying out an economic viability study. While this latest scheme carries additional costs it will be profitable although at a lower level of return to the previously consented scheme. But as a forward looking innovative company Mactaggart & Mickel Ltd feel that this is a premium worth paying to carry off this prestige development."

Mactaggart & Mickel Ltd


"Within the difficult and challenging constraints of the current economic climate, we would not be able to start this development, or indeed any other new project, until a sound economic upturn. A safe prediction, is that it could therefore take at least two to three years before we could start construction."

Mactaggart & Mickel Ltd


Overall, whilst this project has shown a lower level of financial return, the value of this project, as a collaborative exercise between the Government and Mactaggart & Mickel Ltd and in the creation of a better place, is invaluable. In particular, it will mark a shift change, from not applying the all too often standard solutions to housing layouts, towards concentrating on considering better solutions for street designs. The positive 'knock-on' effect that this has on the quality of a place is of the utmost importance to Mactaggart & Mickel Ltd who have won numerous industry awards on their quality of place design.