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Polnoon Masterplan: Idea to Design - Residential Streets Project



Polnoon is a Scottish Government led project which was created to champion good design. The aim was to take the Government's design advice, in particular Planning Advice Note ( PAN) 76 on Residential Streets and turn theory into practice, with the long-term ambition of building a Conservation Area of Tomorrow and contributing to our overall purpose of increasing sustainable economic growth.

Mactaggart & Mickel Ltd as the house-builders had the desire, supported through the Scottish Government and East Renfrewshire Council, to promote better development on the ground. They are to be applauded for their willingness to offer one of their sites, with an existing planning permission, and for allowing it to be re-designed. As well as Mactaggart & Mickel Ltd funding this project, at their own expense, they have also remained fully committed to the project during the current economic climate. It is a sign of strength to have sacrificed both time and profit, in order to demonstrate that by starting with the street, it is possible to create a better place.

The proposed new neighbourhood, which achieved both planning and road construction consent by October 2009, goes beyond expectations. It proposes to create a sustainable and successful place which meets the Government's aims in relation to the built environment. Credit must be given to everyone involved who has made this possible, in particular Proctor and Matthews Architects and engineers Waterman Boreham. Together, they have helped East Renfrewshire Council become the first local authority in Scotland to have worked, with the Government, on a live project to help deliver a national exemplar of good design and sustainability.

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