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Working Group on Scotland Without Nuclear Weapons: Report to Scottish Ministers




  • In the event of a decision to remove nuclear weapons from HM Naval Base Clyde, to examine the economic impact and to identify options for the development of alternative employment opportunities;
  • Explore the various international opinions that exist on the legality of nuclear weapons so far as relevant to matters within the devolved competence of the Scottish Government ;
  • Explore the implications of seeking observer status at the Non-Proliferation Treaty meetings and advise the Scottish Government on that process;
  • Consider the adequacy of the current licensing and regulatory framework that exists in relation to HM Naval Base Clyde in relation to environmental, planning and transport issues;
  • Identify good practice elsewhere in the world in developing peace and reconciliation and consider how Scotland might contribute to this work;
  • Report to Ministers with advice, within the context of their devolved responsibilities, on a regular basis.


Bruce Crawford, Minister for Parliamentary Business (Chair)
John Deighan, Roman Catholic Church
Dr Richard Dixon, WWF Scotland
Dr Rebecca Johnson, Acronym Institute for Disarmament Diplomacy
Isobel Lindsay, Scotland's for Peace
Alan Mackinnon, Scottish CND
David Moxham, Scottish Trades Union Congress
Councillor James Robb, Argyll and Bute Council
Osama Saeed, Scottish Islamic Foundation
Rev Ian Galloway, Church of Scotland
Gillian Slider - Scottish Youth Parliament
Professor William Walker, School of International Relations, University of St Andrews
Ian McMahon, Scottish Enterprise (observer)

One Working Group appointee, Scott Blair (advocate) was unable to participate in the meetings.