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Tuesday 27/10/2009

Practical Guidance on Consulting, Conducting Research and Working in Participative Ways With Children and Young People Experiencing Domestic Abuse [Education and Training]

The aim of this Guidance Note is to share some of the learning from the work that took place with children and young people to develop the Delivery Plan, in order to provide those responsible for implementing the Delivery Plan with tools and resources needed for the ongoing process of involving children and young people in the Plan’s implementation.

Thursday 08/10/2009

Scottish Energy Study Volume 4: Issues, Opportunities and Barriers [Business and Industry]

Considers the many factors and key drivers that influence energy use in Scotland today. Based on this understanding Volume 4 identifies the opportunities to improve energy use within Scotland and the barriers that must be overcome if this is to be achieved.

Monday 05/10/2009

Scotland's Diaspora and Overseas-Born Population [Research]

This paper drills down to consider specific parts of the diaspora, groups that are not always thought about in isolation but which, as the data shows, could hold an important new perspective on the diaspora.

Friday 02/10/2009

Education and Lifelong Learning Research Findings No.51/2009: Evaluation of the Scottish Government Children's Services Women's Aid Fund [Research]

This evaluation looked at the effectiveness of the Fund in its first year of operation.

Evaluation of the Scottish Government Children's Services Women's Aid Fund: Main Report [Research]

The purpose of this report is to provide an evaluation of the effectiveness of the Scottish Government Children’s Services Women’s Aid Fund in its first year of operation

Wednesday 30/09/2009

Business and Industry Research Findings No.2/2009 - Evaluation of Smart: Scotland [Research]

Research findings from the Evaluation of SMART: SCOTLAND Scheme in Scotland between 1999 and 2008. Presents key findings on the impact of the Scheme in Scotland and examines whether it represents value for money.

Consolidated Scottish Planning Policy: Consultation Responses [Planning]

responses received during consultation on the consolidated Scottish Planning Policy (SPP)

Evaluation of Smart: Scotland [Research]

Evlauation of the SMART: SCOTLAND Scheme between 1999 and 2008. The evaluation assesses the impact of the Scheme in Scotland and examines whether it represents values for money.



Scotland's First Marine Bill [Environment]

Scotland's First Marine Bill

Scottish Planning Policy - Proposed Policy Changes Consultation [Planning]

Statement of proposed changes to Scottish Planning Policy

Scottish Planning Policy Environmental Report Annex A: Supplementary Strategic Environmental Assessment of proposed changes to the Draft Scottish Planning Policy [Planning]

Environmental Report setting out the assessment of the likely environmental effects of changes to the consolidated SPP

Scottish Planning Policy-Analysis of Consultation Responses [Research]

Analysis of the responses to the public consultation paper on consolidated Scottish Planning Policy.

Statistics Publication Notice Health and Care Series: Child Protection Statistics 2008/09 [Statistics]

Child Protection Statistics 2008/09

Tuesday 29/09/2009

A Safe Prescription [Health and Community Care]

A Strategy for Non medical prescribing

Equality Duty: Putting it into Practice - Consultation on Public Sector Equality Duty Specific Duties [People and Society]

Consultation on the public sector equality duty specific duties.

Long-term monitoring of health inequalities: Headline indicators - September 2009 [Statistics]

This publication is an update of headline indicators from the long term monitoring of health inequalities report, first published in September 2008.

standard for chartered teacher [Education and Training]

Outlines the professional actions and other elements needed to reach the Standard of a Chartered Teacher

Statistical Bulletin Crime and Justice Series: Recorded Crime in Scotland, 2008-09 [Statistics]

This publication presents statistics on crimes and offences recorded and cleared up by the eight Scottish police forces, disaggregated by crime/offence group, police force area and council area

The Scottish Health Survey 2008 [Statistics]

The Scottish Health Survey 2008

Showing: 1 to 20 of 88