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The Autism Toolbox: An Autism Resource for Scottish Schools

DescriptionThe Autism Toolbox is designed to support Education Authorities, Schools and Pre-schools in the delivery of service and planning for children and young people with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).
Official Print Publication DateApril 2009
Website Publication DateApril 03, 2009


Scottish Autism Service Network and National Centre for Autism Studies University of Strathclyde
Aline-Wendy Dunlop, Charlene Tait, Alison Leask, Lisa Glashan, Anna Robinson and Helen Marwick, with support from Maggie Smith, Gwen Carr and Tommy MacKay.
ISBN 978 0 7559 8022 2
This document is also available in pdf format (972k)


Autistic Spectrum Disorder Education Working Group
Authors' Note
The Autism Toolbox - Overview of Approach

Part 1 - The Policy and Legislative Context

Part 1.1 The Policy Context
Part 1.2 A Concordat between Scottish Government and Local Government
Part 1.3 The Policy and Legislative Context
Part 1.4 Strategic Planning for Future Service Provision
Part 1.5 Reports on ASD

Part 2 - The Toolbox - Autism in Practice

Section 1 - Knowing about Autism
1.1 Understanding Pupils on the Autism Spectrum - Defining ASD
1.2 Understanding the Autism Spectrum - Prevalence
1.3 Diagnosis and Working with ASD
1.4 Understanding Pupils on the Autism Spectrum - The Triad of Impairment

Section 2 - Guidance and Support for Pre-Schools, Primary Schools and Secondary Schools
2.1 Autism Spectrum Disorder - A Highly Individual Context
2.2 Strengths and Challenges
2.3 Teaching and Learning
2.4 Assessment
2.5 Individualised Educational Programmes
2.6 Classroom Organisation and Classroom Strategies
2.7 Differentiation - Principles and Practicalities
2.8 The Social Curriculum
2.9 Transitions
2.10 Whole School Approaches

Section 3 - Support for Parents and Families
3.1 Working with Parents
3.2 Schools' Guidance to Parents - a Reciprocal Relationship?
3.3 Communicating Effectively with Parents
3.4 Meetings with Parents
3.5 Inclusion of Parents of Children and Young People with ASD in the Life of the School
3.6 Working with Groups of Parents
3.7 What Parents may be doing at Home
3.8 Issues for Siblings

Section 4 - Working with Other Agencies
4.1 What is Multi-agency Working?
4.2 Who takes the Lead?
4.3 Transitions and Multi-agency Working
4.4 Multi-agency Systems
4.5 Co-ordinated Support Plans
4.6 Top Ten Points for Positive Practice in Multi-agency Working
4.7 Multi-agency Involvement - Professional Roles

Toolbox References

Part 3- This section is also available in pdf format (6.1mb)

Section 5 - Overview of Interventions (this section has been withdrawn and is currently under review)
5.1 Aims, Areas and Scope of Interventions
5.2 Evidence of Effectiveness of Interventions from a Research Perspective
5.3 Interventions and Educational Settings
5.4 Parental Programmes
5.5 Interventions and Approaches to Supporting Cognitive and Perceptual Styles
5.6 Alternative and Augmentative Communication ( AAC)
5.7 Promoting Interpersonal Engagement and Shared Communicative Experiences
5.8 Teaching Social Communication Skills and Social Understanding
5.9 Applied Behavioural Analysis ( ABA)
5.10 Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
5.11 Social Stories
5.12 Sensory and Motor Interventions
5.13 Biomedical Interventions

Section 6 - Resources

Section 7 - Building on the Legislative Context - Local Authority Guidance towards Strategic Planning Approaches for Future Service Provision
7.1 The Policy and Legislative Context
7.2 Strategic Planning Approaches
7.3 The Right Training

Section 8 - Directory - Finding Information and Advice

Section 9 - Practice Grids and Posters
Set 1 - Practice Grids (A full set of the Practice Grids can be found in Part 2, Section 2).
Set 2 - Posters

The Autism Toolbox - Exemplars