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Preparing for a Changing Climate: Second Consultation to Inform Scotland's Climate Change Adaptation Framework

DescriptionViews are being sought on the proposals for a strategic centrally co-ordinated plan for adapting to climate change. The proposed aim is to increase the resilience of Scotland's people and the natural and economic systems on which we depend, to the impacts of climate change.
Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateApril 27, 2009


ISBN 978 0 7559 5967 9

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Ministerial Foreword

Executive Summary

Supporting Documents

This Consultation
Purpose of this consultation
Responding to this consultation
Handling your response
Comments and complaints
Summary of consultation questions

Chapter 1: Introduction
The impact of climate change on Scotland
Building Scotland's resilience to a changing climate
Exposure to changes in climate
Capacity to adapt well to changes in climate
Barriers to adaptation caused by competing pressures

Chapter 2: Scotland's Climate Change Adaptation Framework
Climate change adaptation
Scotland's Climate Change Adaptation Framework
Timescales of the Adaptation Framework
Limiting and understanding our exposure to changes in climate
Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
Improve our understanding of the consequences of a changing climate
Equip Scotland's decision makers with skills and tools to adapt
Integrate climate change adaptation in public policy and regulation
Scottish Government corporate planning processes
Scottish Government soil policy
Scottish Government economic policy
Scottish Government environmental policies
Measuring and reporting progress

Chapter 3: Working with others
The role of Government
Working across the public sector
Working with local government
Working with Scotland's business sector
Working with Scotland's third sector
Working with our UK and international partners

ANNEX A: Action Programme for Government 2009-2011
ANNEX B : Glossary
ANNEX C: The Scottish Government Consultation Process