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Final results of the 2008 December agricultural survey

DescriptionTables detailing the final results of the December 2008 agricultural census
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Website Publication DateMarch 04, 2009


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The final figures indicate that, compared with December 2007:-

  • The number of cattle fell by 49,000, from 1.83 million to 1.78 million. (a decrease of 2.7 per cent).
  • The number of sheep decreased by 393,000, from 5.1 million to 4.7 million (a decrease of 7.7 per cent).
  • Pig numbers decreased by 67,000, from 450,000 to 382,000 (a decrease of 15 per cent).
  • The number of poultry fell by 483,000, from 13.7 million to 13.2 million (a decrease of 3.5 per cent).
  • The area of winter crops sown by 1st December fell in 2008; wheat fell by 22.4 per cent from 114,000 hectares to 88,000 hectares; winter barley fell by 9.5 per cent from 59,000 hectares to 53,000 hectares and winter oilseed rape area decreased by 11.7 percent from 33,000ha to 29,000ha.
  • The December 2008 agricultural workforce figure fell by 2,200 from 47,200 to 45,000 (a decrease of 4.6 per cent). Nearly half of this decrease was due to a reduction in the number of occupiers.

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1. All figures are rounded to the nearest 1000. Figures may not, therefore, add to totals.

2. Percentage figures, which have been calculated using unrounded figures, have been rounded to the nearest 0.1%.

3. The results of the December agricultural sample census are produced from a sample of returns from approximately 11,000 main agricultural holdings, from a total of around 26,000. Since these results are based on a sample, the estimates are subject to a degree of statistical uncertainty.

4. In 2000, a reclassification exercise was carried out which resulted in a number of main holdings being classified as minor holdings and vice versa. As these statistics cover main holdings only, there is a slight discontinuity between the data for 2000 and previous years. The reclassification exercise is now carried out on regular basis.