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An External Review of Caledonia Youth

DescriptionThis reviews Caledonia Youth, examining their contribution to promoting sexual health and wellbeing and exploring whether they provide value for money in relation to the government funding they receive.
ISBN978 075597429 0
Official Print Publication DateMarch 2009
Website Publication DateMarch 12, 2009


C. Morrison D. Clapton C. McCulloch S. Simpson, The TASC Agency
ISBN 978 0 7559 7429 0 (Web only publication)
ISSN 0950 2254
This document is also available in pdf format (440k)


Executive Summary
1. Introduction
2. Methodology
3. A Description of Caledonia Youth
4. The Effectiveness of Caledonia Youth in Delivering its Key Aim
5. The Extent to which Caledonia Youth Provision Addresses Wider Influences
6. The Extent to which Caledonia Youth Provision Addresses and Impacts on Aspects of Sexual Health and Wellbeing
7. The Extent to which Caledonia Youth Services Engage with Specific Populations
8. Caledonia Youth: Reviewing Education Services
9. Caledonia Youth: Reviewing Clinical Services
10. Caledonia Youth: Reviewing Counselling Services
11. Caledonia Youth: Reviewing Information and Training Services
12. Caledonia Youth's Short and Long-Term Strategic Planning Process
13. Caledonia Youth's Contribution to Developing and Delivering National Sexual Health Policy
14. Caledonia Youth: Strengths and Weaknesses
15. Recommendations on the Future Direction of Caledonia Youth


1. Methodology and study tools
2. Information about participants
3. The characteristics of effective services: a multi faceted approach
4. Overview of Education services provided via the Branch structure
5. Young Offenders Project
6. Detail of clinical consultations by age
7. Counselling services
8. The effectiveness of Caledonia Youth in delivering its key aim: Illustrative quotes from contributors
9. The extent to which Caledonia Youth provision addresses wider influences: Illustrative quotes from contributors
10. The extent to which Caledonia Youth provision addresses and impacts on aspects of sexual health and wellbeing: Illustrative quotes from contributors
11. The extent to which Caledonia Youth services engage with specific populations: Illustrative quotes from contributors
12. Reviewing Education Services: Illustrative quotes from contributors
13. Reviewing Clinical services: Illustrative quotes from contributors
14. Reviewing Counselling services: Illustrative quotes from contributors
15. Information leaflets
16. Material provided by Caledonia Youth relating to strategic planning
17. Strategic planning: Illustrative quotes from contributors
18. Caledonia Youth's contribution to developing and delivering national sexual health policy: Illustrative quotes from contributors
19. Young people's views on improving sexual health and wellbeing
20. Caledonia youth: strengths and weaknesses: illustrative quotes from contributors

The views expressed in this report are those of the researcher and
do not necessarily represent those of the Department or Scottish Ministers.

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