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Changing Scotland's Relationship with Alcohol: A Framework for Action



140. This Framework for Action has outlined the approach we will now take forward to tackle alcohol misuse in Scotland. We know that the task is complex, challenging and constantly evolving. We believe the legislative actions we are taking, which will apply universally across the population, will begin to address the urgent need to reduce the harmful levels of alcohol consumption currently existing in Scotland. In this way they will start to alleviate the escalating health harms resulting from excessive levels of drinking as well as reducing the impacts on our economy and communities.

141. But these actions form only part of a broader package of approaches which need to be taken as a whole if they are to impact effectively on the problem. We will need to take forward multiple strands of work. just as important as the legislative measures we take - working patiently with partners in the statutory, voluntary and private sectors to address the 'downstream' needs of those already affected by alcohol misuse, particularly those in vulnerable groups, and crucially to effect 'upstream' cultural and attitudinal shift in communities across Scotland. This is about vital work to deliver incremental but important change in the way we relate to alcohol - as individuals, as families, as communities, and ultimately as a nation. This work is long-term and often unsung, but it is the stuff of real lasting change.

142. We do not pretend to have miracle cure which will instantly put right our relationship with alcohol, but we do have a clear conviction about the range of actions needed to address what has become a major problem for Scotland - actions which we believe will enhance the health and wellbeing of the Scottish people and help us realise our ambition of a successful and flourishing Scotland.