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Annual Listing of Publications

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Wednesday 19/11/2008

Evaluation of the Scottish Renewables Heating Pilot [Research]

This evaluation report is one of two outputs from a two year pilot study into the viability of including renewable technologies in future fuel poverty programmes.

The Adoption (Disclosure of Medical Information about Natural Parents) (Scotland) Regulations 2009: Consultation on Draft Regulations [People and Society]

These regulations make provision for the disclosure of medical information about the natural parents during the adoption process. These regulations are applicable where this information has not been achievable whilst information is collected under other regulations.

Tuesday 18/11/2008

Cancer Waiting Times April-June 2008 [Health and Community Care]

Statistics relating to the waiting times of urgently referred patients diagnosed with cancer during April-June 2008.

Monday 17/11/2008

Use of Longitudinal Research in the Evaluation of the Scottish Government's National Outcomes [Research]

Study examines the design features and coverage of a range of longitudinal research resources available in terms of their relevance to the National Performance Framework

Friday 14/11/2008

Credit Unions in Scotland [Research]

Summaries what Credit Unions are, how they can be classified, how they have developed in different parts of U.K. and elsewhere, what factors account for successful development; speculates about their future.

Mitigating Against Climate Change in Scotland [Environment]

Identification and Initial Assessment of Policy Options

Scottish Energy Study Volume 5: Energy and Carbon Dioxide Projections for Scotland [Business and Industry]

Volume 5 of the Scottish Energy Study contains a set of predictions of possible energy related supply and demand trends, along with associated carbon emissions up to the period 2020.

Towards a Mixed Economy of Head Teacher Development: Evaluation Report to the Scottish Government on the Flexible Routes to Headship Pilot [Education and Training]

An evaluation of the Flexible Routes to Headship (FRH) pilot run by the Scottish Government. The report was produced by the Universities of Cambridge and Glasgow and documents the perspectives of a range of participants in the pilot.

Unmet Needs Pilot Projects - Recommendations for Future Service Design [Research]

This report has been prepared by the Scottish Government’s Health Analytical Services Division to identify the lessons learned from the Unmet Needs pilot projects for planners and providers of healthcare services concerning how to improve access to services for groups not previously seen by those services.

Thursday 13/11/2008

Alcohol Misuse - Consultation Responses [Health and Community Care]

Update on Alcohol Consultation

Education (Additional Support for Learning) (Scotland) Act 2004: A guide for parents/carers [Education and Training]

Leaflet - Education (Additional Support for Learning) (Scotland) Act 2004

Marine Bill - Consultation Responses [Environment]

Non-confidential responses

Wheelchair and Seating Services - Consultation Responses [Health and Community Care]

Responses to Wheelchair and Seating Services Public Consultation

Wednesday 12/11/2008

Consultation on future management of risks from Phytophthora ramorum and Phytophthora kernoviae - Consultation Responses [Agriculture]

responses to the consultation on future management of risks from Phytophthora ramorum and Phytophthora kernoviae

Healthcare Associated Infections - Inspection, Assurance and Public Confidence Consultation Paper [Health and Community Care]

Consultation paper on HAI

Social Work Inspection Agency: Performance Inspection - Midlothian Council 2008 [Health and Community Care]

Midlothian council performance inspection of social work services

Social Work Inspection Agency: Performance Inspection Summary - Midlothian Council [Health and Community Care]

Midlothian Council performance inspection summary of social work services

Tuesday 11/11/2008

Environmental Liability Directive - Consultation Responses [Environment]

This is the second public consultation on transposition of the Environmental Liability Directive 2004/35/EC. The Consultation ran for 3 months commencing on 16th May 2008 and ending on 8th August 2008. The aim of the Environmental Liability (Prevention and Remediation) (Scotland) Regulations 2008 is to place the responsibility on the operators of activities which cause or threaten to cause significant environmental damage. The regulations will not replace existing legislation reqiring remedi

Public attitudes on accommodation for in-patients within the NHS Estate in Scotland [Research]

A survey to gather information and views from a representative sample of the Scottish population on public attitudes towards single versus multiple occupancy accommodation within the NHS Hospitals in Scotland.

Scottish Government - Scottish Soil Framework - Consultation Responses [Environment]

Scottish Soil Framework Link to all responses received by Scottish Government as part of this consultation

Showing: 201 to 220 of 1150