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The Treasure Trove in Scotland: A Code of Practice publication has been superseded and can now be found on the Office of Queen's and Lord Treasurer's Remembrancer (QLTR) website

Treasure Trove in Scotland: A Code of Practice

DescriptionThe Code of Practice is intended to clarify the procedures involved in Scotland's Treasure Trove System.
Official Print Publication DateDecember 2008
Website Publication DateDecember 12, 2008


Treasure Trove logoProtecting our Archaeological Heritage for the Nation
ISBN 978 0 7559 5887 0
This document is also available in pdf format (2.6mb)


1. Introduction
2. The Treasure Trove system
3. Operating the Treasure Trove system: the bodies involved
4. Definitions
5. The Treasure Trove process: chance finds
6. The Treasure Trove process: fieldwork assemblages
7. The role of the finder: chance finds
8. The role of the finder: excavation assemblages
9. The role of museums
10. The role of the Local Authority archaeologist
11. The role of the Treasure Trove Unit
12. The role of SAFAP
13. The role of the QLTR

Appendix A: Scottish Archaeological Finds Allocation Panel ( SAFAP) - terms of reference
Appendix B: Functions of the Treasure Trove Unit ( TTU)
Appendix C: Standard reporting form for chance finds
Appendix D: Standard unclaim certificate issued to finders
Appendix E: Certificate issued to finders of chance finds of Crown-claimed objects
Appendix F: Types of portable antiquities which will ordinarily be liable to claiming for the Crown
Appendix G: Standard letter from QLTR to finder of chance finds when portable antiquity is claimed by the Crown
Appendix H: Application form for authority to borrow and display unallocated Treasure Trove
Appendix I: Application form for authority to borrow unallocated Treasure Trove for research purposes
Appendix J: Standard organized fieldwork reporting form
Appendix K: Standard application form for museums and other relevant institutions
Appendix L: Criteria for allocation in the event of multiple applications
Appendix M: Scottish portable antiquities acquired by museums since 31 December 1999
Appendix N: The Treasure Trove process: summary information sheet for finders of chance finds
Appendix O: Contact details

Under Scottish law all portable antiquities of archaeological, historical or cultural significance are subject to claim by the Crown through the Treasure Trove system and must be reported.

This document provides a comprehensive guide to the Treasure Trove system and sets out best practice to be followed by all parties involved in its operation.