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Scottish Energy Study Volume 5: Energy and Carbon Dioxide Projections for Scotland



Volumes 1, 2 and 3 of the Scottish Energy Study provide extensive and detailed data on the supply and use of energy in Scotland. Volume 4 of the study provides qualitative views on the issues, opportunities and barriers to changing how energy is used in Scotland. In contrast this volume of the study looks at how energy supply and demand in Scotland could change in the future.

The following list summarises the scope of each of the 5 volumes of the Scottish Energy Study:

Volume 1 Energy in Scotland: Supply & Demand
Presenting data describing Scottish energy supply and demand, together with associated CO 2 emissions. Information is also given on how the data were derived.

Volume 2 A Changing Picture
Addressing how the Scottish energy picture has changed in recent years: the results derived in Volume 1 are compared with the findings of an earlier study based on 1990 data.

Volume 3 Energy Demand Database
A brief guide to an energy database: summarising Scottish energy use by sector.

Volume 4 Issues, Opportunities and Barriers
Considering the many factors that influence energy use in Scotland today. This volume considers key drivers. Based on this understanding it identifies the opportunities to improve energy use within Scotland and the barriers that must be overcome if this is to be achieved.

Volume 5 Looking Forward
Considering how Scotland's energy use could change in the medium term to 2020, using projections of demand and supply informed by different scenarios that will influence energy use in the future.