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Scottish Energy Study Volume 5: Energy and Carbon Dioxide Projections for Scotland

DescriptionVolume 5 of the Scottish Energy Study contains a set of predictions of possible energy related supply and demand trends, along with associated carbon emissions up to the period 2020.
Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateNovember 14, 2008


ISBN 978 0 1858 4 (Web only publication)
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The Scottish Energy Study

Executive Summary
Sensitivity Analysis
Energy Prices

Glossary of acronyms and terms used in this report

1. Introduction

2. Methodology and Assumptions

3. Energy Demand to 2020
3.1. Energy Demand in the Domestic Sector
3.2. Energy Demand in Transport
3.3. Energy Demand in Industry
3.4. Energy Demand in Services and Agriculture
3.5. Summary of Scottish Final Energy Demand

4. Energy Supply
4.1. Electricity Generation
4.2. Oil Refining
4.3. Primary Energy Consumption

5. Energy Related Carbon Dioxide Emissions

6. Sensitivity Analysis
6.1. Choice of Sensitivity Parameters
6.2. Demand Sensitivity Analysis
6.3. Overall Impact of Demand Sensitivity Analysis
6.4. Supply Side Sensitivity Analysis
6.5. Overall Impact of Supply Side Sensitivity
6.6. Overall Impact of both Supply and Demand Side Sensitivity
6.7. Projection Uncertainty

7. Key Observations from the projections to 2020


Scottish Energy Study: Final Report


Scottish Government

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QLC 2/11/2

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