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Living and Dying Well: A national action plan for palliative and end of life care in Scotland

DescriptionLiving and Dying Well uses the concepts of planning and delivery of care, and of communication and information sharing as a framework to support a person centred approach to delivering consistent palliative and end of life care in Scotland.
Official Print Publication DateOctober 2008
Website Publication DateOctober 02, 2008


ISBN 978 0 7559 5889 4
This document is also available in pdf format (512k)



1. Introduction

2. Background

3.1 Assessment and review of palliative and end of life care needs
3.2 Planning and delivery of care for patients with palliative and end of life needs
3.3 Communication and co-ordination
3.4 Education, training and workforce development
3.5 Implementation and future developments

Annex A: Gold Standards Framework - Clinical Prognostic Indicator
Annex B: electronic Palliative Care Summary ( ePCS)
Annex C: Glossary
Annex D: References
Annex E: Scottish Partnership for Palliative Care: Extract from Palliative and end of life care in Scotland:the case for a cohesive approach - Recommendations
Annex F: Acknowledgements