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The Modern Scottish Jury in Criminal Trials


Annex B Persons Excusable as of Right


(a) peers and peeresses entitled to receive writs of summons to attend the House of Lords;

(b) members of the House of Commons;

(c) officers of the House of Lords; and

(d) officers of the House of Commons;

(e) members of the Scottish Parliament;

(f) members of the Scottish Executive;

(g) junior Scottish Ministers;

(h) representatives to the European Parliament;

(i) Members of the National Assembly for Wales;

Public Officials

(j) The Auditor General for Scotland

The Forces

Full-time serving members of -

(a) any of Her Majesty's naval, military or air forces;

(b) the Woman's Royal Naval Service;

(c) Queen Alexandra's Royal Naval Nursing Service; or

(d) any Voluntary Aid Detachment serving with the Royal Navy.

Medical and similar professions

The following, if actually practising their profession and registered (whether fully or otherwise), enrolled or certified under the enactments relating to their profession -

(a) medical practitioners;

(b) dentists;

(c) nurses;

(d) midwives;

(e) pharmaceutical chemists; and

(f) veterinary surgeons and veterinary practitioners.

Members of certain religious bodies

In respect of jury service in any criminal proceedings, practising members of religious societies or orders the tenets or beliefs of which are incompatible with jury service.

Ministers of religion

(a) persons in holy orders;

(b) regular ministers of any religious denomination; and

(c) vowed members of any religious order living in a monastery, convent or other religious community.