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The Modern Scottish Jury in Criminal Trials

DescriptionA consultation on a number of issues relating to criminal juries in Scotland including: age limit; eligibility and excusal; exemption periods; compensation for jury service; jury size and trial without a jury.
Official Print Publication DateSeptember 2008
Website Publication DateSeptember 18, 2008


A Consultation

ISBN 978 0 7559 5734 7

This document is also available in pdf format (424k)

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Ministerial Foreword
Introduction How to respond to this consultation

Chapter One: Executive Summary
Chapter Two: Introduction
Chapter Three: Age limit for jury duty
Chapter Four: Eligibility and Excusal
Chapter Five: Exemption periods
Chapter Six: Compensation for jury service
Chapter Seven: Jury size
Chapter Eight: Trial without a jury
Chapter Nine: Conclusion

Annex A: Persons ineligible for jury duty
Annex B: Persons excused from jury service as of right
Annex C: Pro-forma for responding to questions