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Debt and the Consequences: Important information to help you deal with your creditors and debt

DescriptionAdvice for those who have debts
Official Print Publication DateAugust 2008
Website Publication DateAugust 21, 2008


ISBN 978 0 7559 5718 7

This document is also available in pdf format (464k)


1. Why should I read this booklet?

2. How can a money adviser help me?

3. Where can I get free help and advice?

4. What can I do about my debts?
Debt management plan
Debt Arrangement Scheme ( DAS)
Trust deed
What are my choices?

5. What legal steps can creditors take against me?

6. What happens when my creditor takes me to court?
How do I know if I am being taken to court?
What can the sheriff be asked to do?
What can I do if I
What are time to pay directions and time orders?

7. How does a creditor get their money after court action?
What is the Debt Advice and Information Package?
What is a charge for
What is a time to pay order?

8. What types of enforcement action can a creditor use?
Arrestment of earnings
Bank arrestment
Other arrestments
Arrestment on the
Eviction due to rent or mortgage arrears
Interim attachment
Exceptional attachment orders

9. How can my creditor make me bankrupt?

10. What if my creditor is a local authority or HM Revenue & Customs?

11. What can I do if I think my creditor or a sheriff officer has behaved incorrectly?

12. Further information

13. Household Income and Expenditure

14. Your debts

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