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A Strategic Framework for Scottish Freshwater Fisheries

DescriptionA Strategic Framework for Scottish Freshwater Fisheries
Official Print Publication DateJuly 2008
Website Publication DateJuly 04, 2008


The vision
Scotland will have sustainably-managed freshwater fish and fisheries resources
that provide significant economic and social benefits for its people.
ISBN 978 0 7559 5783 5
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Executive summary

Part One Vision and guiding principles

Part Two The context

Part Three Realising the vision
Good Practice in Freshwater Fisheries Management
National Initiatives in Freshwater Fisheries Management
Freshwater Fisheries Management Resources
Encouraging Participation
Primary Legislation
Research & Development

Part Four Implementation, oversight and review

Appendix 1 Members of the Freshwater Fisheries Forum Steering Group
Appendix 2 The Priorities for Action - Implementation
Appendix 3 Research priorities
Appendix 4 The regulatory framework
Appendix 5 Training
Appendix 6 Glossary
Appendix 7 Organisations
Appendix 8 References