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Adapting Our Ways: Managing Scotland's Climate Risk: Consultation to inform Scotland's Climate Change Adaptation Framework

DescriptionDue to past emissions, a certain degree of climate change is now unavoidable over the coming decades. Therefore, we must act to safeguard our communities and the long-term prosperity of our environment and our economy by adapting to the unavoidable impacts of climate change. This consultation will inform the forthcoming Scotland's Climate Change Adaptation Framework.
Official Print Publication DateJune 2008
Website Publication DateJune 24, 2008


ISBN 978 0 7559 1738 9 (Web only publication)

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01: Ministerial Foreword

02: Executive Summary

03: Purpose of consultation
Responding to the consultation
Summary of consultation questions

04: Introduction
Climate adaptation
A well-adapting Scotland

05: Strategic principles and priority actions for climate adaptation
Strategic principles for climate adaptation
Strategic priority actions for climate adaptation

06: Supporting climate adaptation in Scotland
Current organisational capacity for building resilience to climate change
The Scottish Government's role in supporting climate adaptation
Working in partnership to support climate adaptation
Communicating more widely

07: Measuring and reporting progress

Annex A: Scotland's changing climate

Annex B: Current activities contributing to climate adaptation in Scotland