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Statistical Bulletin Crime and Justice Series: Criminal Proceedings in Scottish Courts, 2006/07

DescriptionCriminal Proceedings in Scottish Courts 2006-07
ISBNISBN 978 0 7559
Official Print Publication DateJune 2008
Website Publication DateJune 03, 2008


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ISSN 0264 1178
ISBN 978 0 7559 7130 5 (Web only publication)

A National Statistics Publication for Scotland

This document is also available in pdf format (724k)


1. Introduction
2. Key Points for 2006/07
3. Commentary: Criminal Court Proceedings in Context
4. Commentary: Persons Proceeded Against
5. Commentary: Persons Convicted
6. Commentary: Sex and Age of Persons with a Charge Proved
7. Commentary: Sentencing
8. Commentary: Characteristics of Individual Offenders
9. Commentary: Bail Orders and Offences
10. Commentary: Motor Vehicle Offences
11. Appendix of Tables

Notes on Statistics Used in this Bulletin
Annexe A - Data Sources
Annexe B - Data collection and coverage of the court proceedings data
Annexe C - Understanding the Statistics in this Bulletin
Annexe D - Definitions and Classifications

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