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HM Inspectorate of Prisons: Report on HMP Inverness: Unannounced Full Inspection, 5-9 November 2007



10.1 The catering department and the health centre work together to ensure that medical issues related to diet are addressed (paragraph 2.45).
10.2 When a prisoner is assessed as requiring ACT2Care procedures the prison's approach is to organise an immediate Case Conference (paragraph 3.29).
10.3 All prisoners in Inverness have an entitlement to education, including those on remand and those serving short-term sentences (paragraph 7.6).
10.4 A previous prisoner has written a very high quality management information system for monitoring and managing the stock and usage of the library (paragraph 7.33).
10.5 The multi agency weekly Community Integration Plan meetings to discuss prisoners who have been released or are just about to be released (paragraph 9.20).