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Overseas Visitors - Shortened Guidance

DescriptionThis publication details access to health care for overseas visitors in Scotland and provides guidance on the eligibility of visitors for exemption from NHS charges
Official Print Publication DateMarch 2008
Website Publication DateMarch 18, 2008


ISBN 978 0 7559 7052 0

This document is also available in pdf format (264k)


Covering Letter


Section 1: General Information
Definition of Ordinary and Temporary Residence
Time Limits for Residency

Section 2: Categories of Visitors Exempt from NHS Charges
Taking up Permanent Residence
Lawful Residence for more than 1 Year
European Health Insurance Card ( EHIC)
Au pairs
Asylum Seekers
Refugees and other Successful Applicants
Former UK Residents Working Overseas
UK War Pensioners/ UK War Widow pensioners
UK State Pensioners
Prisoners and Detainees
Family Members of Entitled Persons

Section 3: Services/Treatments Exempt from NHS Charges
Limits of Exemption from NHS charges

Section 4: Reciprocal Arrangements ( EEA and non- EEA)
EEA Nationals
Non- EEA Reciprocal Health Agreements

Section 5: A Quick Guide to Registering Overseas Patients
Self Sufficient
Spouses or Registered Civil Partners
'A8' Countries, Bulgaria and Romania

Annex 1EEA Countries
Annex 2 Reciprocal Health Agreements
Annex 3 Quick Reference Flowchart

This guidance is not a substitute for and does not override or expand on domestic and Community law on the subject of provision of medical services to overseas visitors. It is not legally binding and merely provides information to assist in interpreting current law.

Readers may wish to refer to the National Health Service (Scotland) Act 1978, the National Health Service (Charges to Overseas Visitors) (Scotland) Regulations 1989, as amended, the Functions of Health Boards (Scotland) Order 1991 the National Health Services (General Medical Services Contracts) (Scotland) Regulations 2004 and relevant Community law such as Directive 2004/38/ EC.

This information is not a full interpretation of the current regulations. For more detailed information, please consult the Scottish Manual of Guidance, available at: http://www.scotland.gov.uk/library/documents-w/guide-14.htm

Please beware of other sources of information. The English regulations are not the same as the Scottish regulations and therefore there will be discrepancies between the two.

Please Note: