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Historical Abuse Systemic Review: Residential Schools and Children's Homes in Scotland 1950 to 1995


Appendix 6: Glossary

Administering Authority

'The local authority or people carrying on a home'. (1959 Regulations)

Children's Homes

'This can refer to a wide range of residential provision for children who are not in the care of their parents and there are a number of different classifications within the category of 'children's homes' '(Berridge, 1985)

'Homes provided by local authorities for children in their care, and homes helped by voluntary contributions'. (Review definition in Ch.2 The Regulatory Framework)

Remand Homes

'Institutions created to provide accommodation and care specifically for juvenile delinquents'. (Review definition in Ch.2 The Regulatory Framework)

Residential Establishments

'An establishment managed by a local authority, voluntary organisation or any other person, which provides residential accommodation for the purposes of this [1968] Act'. The Social Work (Scotland) Act,1937

Residential Schools

'Residential schools are ... defined as residential accommodation for children cared for away from home with educational facilities on the premises'. ( A Kendrick, 'Historical Abuse in Residential Child Care' Appendix 2 of this review)

Secure Accommodation

'Accommodation in residential establishments that restricted children's liberty'. (The Secure Accommodation (Scotland) Regulations, 1983)

Voluntary Homes

'Any home or other institution for the boarding, care, and maintenance of poor children or young persons, being a home or other institution supported wholly or partly by voluntary contributions'. (The Children and Young Persons (Scotland) Act, 1937

Institutional Child Abuse

'Any kind of child abuse described in the five categories as set out by the Scottish Office (1998), which occurs within an institutional setting:

  • Physical Injury
    Actual or attempted physical injury to a child, including the administration of toxic substances, where there is knowledge, or reasonable suspicion, that the injury was inflicted or knowingly not prevented.
  • Sexual Abuse
    Any child may be deemed to have been sexually abused when any person(s), by design or neglect, exploits the child, directly or indirectly, in any activity intended to lead to the sexual arousal or other forms of gratification of that person or any other person(s) including organised networks. This definition holds whether or not there has been genital contact and whether or not the child is said to have initiated, or consented to, the behaviour.
  • Non-Organic Failure to Thrive
    Children who significantly fail to reach normal growth and developmental milestones (i.e. physical growth, weight, motor, social and intellectual development) where physical and genetic reasons have been medically eliminated and a diagnosis of non-organic failure to thrive has been established.
  • Emotional Abuse
    Failure to provide for the child's basic emotional needs such as to have a severe effect on the behaviour and development of the child.
  • Physical Neglect
    This occurs when a child's essential needs are not met and this is likely to cause impairment to physical health and development. Such needs include food, clothing, cleanliness, shelter and warmth. A lack of appropriate care, including deprivation
    of access to health care, may result in persistent or severe exposure, through negligence, to circumstances which endanger the child.'

(Scottish Office 1998, Annex C)


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