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The Government Economic Strategy

DescriptionThe Government Economic Strategy supports the delivery of the Purpose, that is, to focus the Government and public services on creating a more successful country, with opportunities for all of Scotland to flourish, through increasing sustainable growth.
Official Print Publication DateNovember 2007
Website Publication DateNovember 13, 2007



ISBN 978 0 7559 5548 0

This document is also available in pdf format (1.1Mb)



Executive Summary

A. The Purpose of the new Government and the need for the Government Economic Strategy
A.1 A new sense of purpose
A.2 A distinctive strategy for Scotland
A.3 The strategic approach for delivering increasing sustainable growth
A.4 The role of Government: the macroeconomic and microeconomic levers

B. What is the challenge that we face?
B.1 Growth
B.2 Productivity
B.3 Participation
B.4 Population
B.5 Solidarity, Cohesion and Sustainability

C. Strategic Priorities
C.1 Learning, skills and well-being
C.2 Supportive business environment
C.3 Infrastructure development and place
C.4 Effective government
C.5 Equity

D. Implementing the Strategy
D.1 Resourcing
D.2 Implementation
D.3 Challenging, monitoring and review

Further copies of this document are available, on request, in audio and large print formats and in community languages, please contact: 0131 244 5673 or EconomicStrategyDirectorate@scotland.gsi.gov.uk

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