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Towards a Mentally Flourishing Scotland: The Future of Mental Health Improvement in Scotland 2008-11


Appendix C - Examples of National Programme for Improving Mental Health and Wellbeing Support Functions, Activities, Agencies and Consortia

Collecting and Disseminating Evidence and use of Evidence

For example, work supported by NHS Health Scotland, the Glasgow Centre for Population Health, the Scottish Development Centre for Mental Health, the Centre for Confidence and Well-being.

Encouraging and Supporting Development and Innovation

Encouragement and support given to developing and testing work that looks promising in terms of national relevance for population-wide and targeted interventions for promotion, prevention and support.


Supported and commissioned by the Government's Analytical Services Division in DG Health, this includes the bi-annual Public Attitudes Survey ( Well? What do you think?) and also research work by NHS Health Scotland and the Glasgow Centre for Population Health

Evaluation and Review

Work supported and commissioned by the Government's Analytical Services Division in DG Health

NHS Health Scotland and the Glasgow Centre for Population Health

Building Capacity, Skills and Competency through Evidence-Based Training

Training developed includes:
Mental health improvement training
Training on evidence into practice
Scotland's Mental Health First Aid
Suicide Prevention Training
Living Life to the Full Training Programme(s)
Employment and mental health training
Training in support of Recovery

Social Marketing, Communications and PR

National social marketing and communications of mental health as part of an integrated national approach to the social marketing of healthy living for adults and young people.

The development of key National Programme communications products including the Well? Magazine and the WellScotland website ( www.wellscotland.info).

Plus, further campaigning and social marketing on:

  • Positive mental health
  • Suicide prevention
  • Addressing stigma, prejudice and discrimination as part of an overall integrated approach to help improve the quality of life, social inclusion, health, equality and recovery of people who experience mental illness.

Support to the Media in the Reporting and Depiction of Mental Health, Mental Illness and Suicide

Development of a strategic approach to working with and supporting the media to improve the reporting and depiction of mental health, mental illnesses and suicide.

Mental Health and Wellbeing National Indicators

Development of the national set of indicators by NHS Health Scotland and the Scottish Public Health Observatory, including the future development of national indicators on children and young people's mental wellbeing.

Other National Support Agencies and Programmes

Breathing Space and NHS 24

The Breathing Space national telephone helpline as an integrated part of NHS 24 and its developing work on mental health.

Choose Life Suicide Prevention Strategy and Action Plan - National Implementation Support Team

From April 2008, Choose Life's National Implementation Support will be provided from NHS Health Scotland. Key functions include training, support to local implementation, public education, information, evidence collection, dissemination and use, knowledge management, data and trends analysis.

HeadsUp Scotland

National support and co-ordination on promotion and prevention work for children and young people's mental health.

Mental Health Literacy

Programme of mental health literacy developed by NHS Health Scotland, in collaboration with others. This includes Scotland's Mental Health First Aid training and other literacy work at a national level.

National Anti-Stigma Campaign - ' see me'

National campaign and support work to address stigma, prejudice and discrimination around mental illness.

Scottish Recovery Network

National work on promoting and supporting recovery and for embedding recovery-oriented practice in the NHS and Local Authority arenas, and into wider public and voluntary services. It builds on the life experiences of people recovering from mental illness.

Social inclusion - 'With Inclusion in Mind'

Further support for work on social inclusion of people experiencing mental illness. It builds on the duties on local authorities and their partner agencies to promote the social development and wellbeing of people with mental illness.

Voices of eXperience (VoX)

Work that supports the civic engagement and rights of people living with mental illness.

National Support Funding has also been provided for mental health improvement work in:

Schools - the Scottish Health Promoting Schools Unit (Learning, Teaching Scotland)
Employment and Working Life - The Scottish Centre for Healthy Working Lives
Arts and Culture - Creative Scotland (replacement for Scottish Arts Council)
Community Mental Health and Mental Wellbeing - Communities Scotland
Volunteering - Volunteer Development Scotland