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National Guidance on Self-Directed Support



This national guidance is based on the findings of three national working groups, the recommendations of the Scottish Parliament's Health Committee Care Inquiry, and a public consultation. It describes simple and effective schemes for self-directed support and is for use by local authority staff, support organisations and service providers. Local authority finance managers will wish to focus on section 9 on the financing of self-directed support.

Some service users, their families and carers may also find the guidance useful. Other publications 12 provide a more accessible introduction for those exploring what self-directed support can deliver and how the day-to-day practicalities work.

A glossary of main terms which appear in bold in the text is provided at Annex A. The term direct payments is commonly used interchangeably with self-directed support. The definition is historical and focused on a system of delivery rather than the outcomes for individuals. Self-directed support is a way of organising social care so that people can take control of their lives and fulfil their role as citizens. It is not the name of a particular service or provision.