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National Guidance on Self-Directed Support



How long does it take you to get up, go to the toilet, bathed, get dried, dressed and get ready?

How long does it take to have breakfast and clear up afterwards?

How much time does it take to prepare and cook other meals and clear up afterwards? You should include other snacks or drinks you have either during the day or night.

Do you need assistance to use the toilet at other times of the day or night? If so, how often?

Do you need a rest period during the day? How much assistance do you need with this?

Do you go to college, work (voluntary or otherwise) or any other regular activity for which you need assistance?

How many hours per week does it take to clean your house - vacuuming, dusting, changing your bed, washing and ironing, laundry etc?

How often do you go to the bank, post office and how long does it take you to deal with correspondence, pay bills etc?

How often do you go shopping and how long does it take?

How often do you go to a social or recreational activity and how much time does that take?

How long does it take to get ready for and to get to bed at night?

Do you need assistance during the night for anything such as turning, going to the toilet or taking medication?

Do you need support to plan your:

  • day
  • budget
  • meal
  • support circle
  • future

There may well be other activities you want to include on this list, but it should help you be clear about the total number of hours of assistance per week you will need.